Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Cranes heading south

It's around this time of year that cranes migrate south from northern Europe, Russia and other chilly places to the warmer winter climes such as Spain and northern Africa. On their journey many pass over our region of France and if you're lucky you can hear them coming (they chatter constantly) and then spot them high in the sky. Trouble is, at such moments, one rarely has a camera close at hand. However, ce matin, Georgie happened to be outside when three or four gangs of these feathered warblers flew overhead so she shouted and I hurriedly took a few snaps. Disaster. Most of the pics were out of focus (without zoom telephoto), others missed their target (with zoom telephoto) and others didn't happen due to flattery battery. Then they were gone. Shown here are two of the best pics which just go to show how bad the others were. Ah well, maybe better luck when they fly north in spring.