Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Nice and sunny outside. Well, when I say 'nice' I really mean 'freezing cold'. Minus 8 according to the thermometer. And that was when the sun was at its highest. Still, not as bad as the minus 13 the other day. And nowhere near as bad as the minus 20 (whaaaat?!) that neighbour Hadrien claimed was flashing on the neon sign when he arrived for work at the La Courtine furniture factory at 7am yesterday morning. Yup, sure is chilly. Trouble is, when the sun shines the snow starts melting and then the water turns to ice at sundown. Makes for some interesting icicles, such as those on my car yesterday afternoon. Had to chip them off with a broom handle before driving down to Felletin. Going downhill through the foresty section was a bit tricky. Solid ice on the road in the shadow of the trees. Took it really steady. Eventually hit the main road which was clear as a bell. No ice to be seen. Probably because the lads who grit and salt the roads had been working overtime. Stocked up with more bread and stuff at the supermarket then headed back home. Wheelbarrowed some more logs indoors and gave full throttle to the kitchen stove. Knocked up a spag Bol. Dogs in pole position in front of the fire. Then they'd start panting due to the intense heat and demand to be let out for a cool down. Then, after a quick wee, they'd get a bit chilly and demand to go back indoors, where they'd overheat in front of the fire again. So out they'd go again. And in they'd come again. Drives me bonkers all this inning and outing.

Had a wee visitor this morning. A vole. Searching for bits of grub around the dogs' bowls. Seemed completely oblivious to my presence. Or maybe he (or she) just couldn't give a monkey's 'cos he (or she) hadn't seen a humanoid before. Had the dogs been in they'd have gone bananas. But they were outside at the time. Watched the vole scurrying around for a few minutes, totally entranced. Got a bit worried when it balanced precariously on the lip of the dogs' water bowl. Sniffed the water but luckily didn't fall in (had a few voles last year that dropped in and, er, dropped in and drowned). Then Sprocket barked. One of his 'help!' barks. Nipped outside and, sure enough, he'd wrapped his rope around the granite water trough and got stuck. So I freed the blighter and dragged him indoors. Then spotted a very sad sight...