Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Neighbours Isabelle and Christian often suggest it's about time I invited them round for one of my cordon bleu dinners in return for the hundreds of nosh-ups they've given me over the years - it's one of their little jokes because they know I can't cook and the house is unfit for human habitation. However, Isabelle suggested I could repay their hospitality by taking them out to Aubusson's Lion d'Or restaurant which is reckoned to be one of the finest in the area. Seemed like an excellent idea. Also, it would be an ideal opportunity to repay Elizabeth and Jean-Marc for inviting me to dinner a couple of times with Izzy and Chrissy. So Isabelle made the booking and the five of us went along for 8pm last Saturday.

Next day, Georgie phoned (from London) and asked what we'd had to eat (she likes to know these things, especially the puddings). Couldn't really remember but I did have photographic evidence which I shall attempt to load up. As I was paying for our jolly soirée, I half expected my hungry chums to go for the most expensive stuff on the menu. But, of course, they're all far too polite to do such a dastardly thing. So we went for the 35 euro set menu (very reasonable price, as it transpired). Naturally, the mineral waters and slimline tonics bumped up the bill a tad, but hang the expense.

Starter was a foie gras. Then a sort of crab soup with chewy (octopus?) bits (?) - I've no idea, but it was delicious. Then a main course of Limousin beef (I think), followed by a goat's cheese in pastry thingy (could be wrong, I'd had a couple of slimline tonics by then). Next, er, pudding? I may have missed out a course (too many mineral waters). If it was the pudding, I've completely forgotten what sort it was. Luckily, the photo reminds me it was a, er, dunno actually, but it did have a tasty orange peel bit on top. Then coffee and biccies with a refreshing glass of Lucozade (looks remarkably like brandy but don't be fooled).

A splendid soirée. Many thanks to our 'maitre de' for saving me the embarrassment of entertaining my chums 'chez moi'. If ever you're in Aubusson visit the Lion d'Or. It's a real treat.