Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Just been for a very hot lunchtime dogwalk up the cemetery run. Took my camera for a change, even though I'm sure everyone's bored stiff of looking at my dogwalk blogphotos. Took a few shots of a local farmer's vegetable patch that he planted a few weeks back in one of his fields next to the cemetery. Loads of spuds, cabbages and stuff as well as an impressive beanpole construction for his broad beans, or maybe they're just haricots verts (runner beans), not that I really know the difference. Then ambled along the shady track that passes the old orchard where the apple trees are looking extremely healthy considering their age. The orchard owner and his wife did quite a bit of pruning earlier this year and their hard work seems to have paid off. I really enjoy the marvellous smell of apples when walking past, even though there don't seem to be any apples there yet. After this shady stretch, the woods on the right give way to an open field. In the distance I heard the drone of tractors. The farmer's two sons were hard at work haymaking. Took a few snaps which I'll put in the next posting.

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