Thursday, July 8, 2010

The field over the ridge

In my previous posting I mentioned the distant field, out of sight from our house, where the farmer's sons and their two tractors had moved on to after completing their haymaking in the near field. Went up there with the dogs this evening. Amazingly, they'd finished their work there too, leaving the field dotted with dozens of hay rolls. Took a few snaps and returned home at about 7.30, fed the dogs, knocked up a quick scotch'n'dry and sat outside with a fag to enjoy a fine summer's evening before boiling a couple of eggs for supper and watching the Spain/Germany semi-final on telly.

Sitting there with the church bells on my left clanging eight, idly looking at the view ahead, I suddenly noticed a couple of tractors in the distance chugging along the lane that leads to the two fields. Seemed a bit late but it looked like the farmer's sons had finished their supper and were back in action. Sure enough, about ten minutes later they were chugging back towing a trailerfull of hay rolls. Five minutes later they appeared by the church, opened the barn doors and began stacking. I was obviously wrong about the barn being full. After another trip they'd squeezed about twenty more rolls in. I presume they'll finish off the rest tomorrow. Shame I won't be here to see it. All being well I'll be in Putney, breathing traffic fumes and getting ready for a Friday meeting.

It'll be bizarre going, in such a short space of time, from this idyllic lifestyle to one that many people regard as being far more civilised. Not sure I'm looking forward to it.


  1. They keep going, don't they, these farmers. Apart from the very hot afternoons, from daylight to dusk there is the sound of a tractor being used. I love it. Better than the sound of the M4 which was fairly close to our old house back in the UK. Hope you have a good trip back to the UK. Stay cool!

  2. Have a go on a 'rib' on the Thames - I can thoroughly recommend it if you have the time. Lovely pics by the way, I hope they didn't cock their legs!!!x

  3. Vera - Yup, those farmers never stop at this time of year. The hay's all in now so they've moved on to something else - always loads to do. Am now back from London and, yes, had a great time thanks.

    Roz - Not sure what a 'rib' is so I'll look it up. Glad you liked the pics. Er..., regret to inform that Jock did indeed leave his mark on those hay bales. Sprock didn't though. Too busy chasing the wind.