Friday, July 28, 2023

Juillet '23

Time flies. Almost at the end of July already. Been a good month. Long days, sunshine, and of course the Tour de France. It passed our way this year. Straight through Felletin and up the back of our hamlet across the valley. Drove up to a road junction on the Crocq road to watch the 'caravanne' pass through. Bit of a crowd there. Some locals put a table and chairs outside their roadside house. Out came the coffees and vin rosé. Not for us though. We had quiche and water. After a long wait the publicity vehicles, preceding the riders, eventually came and went. People grabbed their freebies, mostly teeshirts and hats. Then a couple of helicopters buzzed overhead. Then the riders whooshed by, followed by their support cars. Then they were gone. That was it. Went home and watched them climb to the finish line at the Puy de Dome, just outside Clermont Ferrand.

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