Thursday, September 22, 2022

1996 Jaguar XJ6 3.2

We have a twenty year old 1.6 Ford Fiesta. It's practical, fairly economical and suits our needs. But, being a bit of a petrolhead, I often fancy something with a bit more poke. Which is why I occasionally wander off into the Leboncoin site (French website for buying and selling all sorts of stuff) and dribble over cars for sale at under €10k (about £9.5k). Current fave is a one owner 1996 Jaaag XJ6 3.2 with just 85000kms (about 50000miles) for €7900 (about £7250). The '94-'97 XJ6 3.2 models are widely regarded as being 'top notch' as they were produced just after Ford invested £millions into Jaguar which dramatically improved quality. However, très magnifique that it is, it's not exactly practical - too thirsty, too big, too difficult to park in little local streets, etc., but it'd be great on the open roads around these here parts! Ahem, other tasty morsels I spotted include a bright red Alfa 159 3.2 v6, a bright red Alfa 166 with a glorious 2.5 v6 Busso engine, and a 'hewn from granite' 1994 Mercedes E200 2.0 produced when the Stuttgart company was ruled by proper engineers, just before the penny-pinching economists took over and quality inevitably suffered. Ah well, think I'll stick with the Fiesta.


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