Saturday, June 22, 2013

The longest day

The thing I like about the longest day is the sunset. That's when the sun is at its most northerly point on the western horizon. It's sort of become an annual habit to nip up the back lane with Jock and take a few snaps of the sunlight passing through a tree tunnel and hitting the side of the house. Trouble was, the early evening clouds blotted out the sun so I thought I wouldn't get that annual photo this year. But then the sun blasted out from beneath the clouds, so I quickly grabbed the camera and headed up the lane. Just managed to catch the last of the sun's rays hitting the side of the house, plus a couple of other shots from up the lane. Jock was a bit miffed though as it was way past his grub time so he kept hanging back. When I turned back he was overjoyed and quickly trotted back home. Fed the brute and then lit the kitchen stove. I think this is the first year the stove's been lit on the longest day. Almost July and it's still a bit chilly. Ah well, here we go, the evenings are creeping in already. Soon be Christmas.