Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Quite Christmassy down in Felletin, our local town. The main street's lined with Christmas trees adorned with purple and silver bows, the overhead Christmas lights are up, flickering coloured lights flash from streetside windows and are reflected in the puddles and wet cobbles. Very festive. But there's one particular house that always puts on a brilliant show, as if to say "y'ain't seen nuthin' yet!" Took a quick snap of it at dusk on the way home from visiting the post office. Went there to buy stamps and send my Christmas cards, but the damned place was shut so, as usual, my cards will arrive late. Gave Jock a longish walk in the gathering darkness on the way home. I think I may have tired the old boy out. Keep forgetting he's aged about eighty in doggy years. Fed the brute when we arrived home and he's now kipping in front of the kitchen fire. Suppose I ought to do something about Christmas decorations. There's a holly tree with berries just up the back lane. That'll do for moi.