Sunday, June 24, 2012


Georgie's asked if the 'whatever-it's-called' (can't remember the name) has come out yet. "What's a 'whatever-it's-called' (still can't remember the name)?" I asked. "It's a blue flower, down on the bottom right," she informed. Looked out the window (the phone's upstairs, which is why I rarely get to answer the damned thing when it rings - usually stops ringing just as I've run up the stairs and am about to breathlessly pick up the receiver) and spotted a bit of blue. "Yup, there's something a bit bluey down there," I muttered.  A photo was inevitably demanded so I've taken a few snaps of it and some other things. These include the couple of (out-of-focus) gooseberries that the beetles haven't yet noshed, some promising looking raspberries, some lupins (a rarity among flowers in that I actually know what they're called) and a few other flowery things. Have also included a photo of wee Jocky enjoying the delights of our garden at this wonderful time of year. Note the recently mowed lawn - sweated buckets doing that in blazing sunshine at a time when, as I understand it, the UK is beset by torrential rain and serious flooding. Tee-hee, tough luck chaps.