Thursday, November 10, 2011

Never enough time

Haven't blogged for a whole month. Don't know why. Been distracted by other things I suppose. Like building a website (not that I'm computer literate). And Georgie coming over for one of her ten day visits (she went back a couple of days ago). And sorting out all this pension nonsense (with Georgie's help of course - couldn't have done it on my own). And doing a tax return (nightmare for anyone as disorganised as moi). And getting a plumber to sort out the leaking hot water tank (easier said than done - they all seemed to be too busy). And getting Jock to the vet to clear up his gammy ear (seemed to be blocked with matted fur - vet said it was puss and gave me some tablets and stuff to squirt down his lug'ole - again, easier said than done;  Westies can be hugely stubborn, uncooperative and downright aggressive sometimes, even to their owner - luckily Georgie was here for the ten day 'squirting' period). Then there are the numerous everyday chores like getting the wood in, lighting fires, cooking, washing up, clothes washing, shopping and dogwalking. All takes time. And even though I'm sort of retired, time is something I rarely seem to have. 

Anyways..., have just returned from the vet. Had to take Jock there to check that his (attempted) medication had worked. Although there's been an improvement, the vet gave me some more pills and said I had to continue the 'squirting' for another week, only this time to make sure the stuff's squirted deep into his ear (again, easier said than done - shall have to bribe the brute with bigger sausages). Bit of a problem there as I have to go to Londres next Wednesday for a week. Hopefully his ear will be okay by then.

Am going to Londres to do a day's 'creative consulting' with one of my long-standing clients. I presume this will involve a headbanging session with a few directors in order to plan next year's promotional strategy etc. Should be fun. Then, on the Monday soir, he's very kindly taking me to see Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler at Hammersmith Odeon(?). Should be more fun. Really looking forward to it.

Er..., what else has happened? Not a lot, but to state the glaringly obvious, the days are getting shorter and the mornings and nights are becoming chillier. Not yet cold though. Been remarkably warm for the time of year. Wind still gently blowing from the south. Am expecting it to change soon though. Had snow last November. Could be the same again this year.

Right, better stop this rabbiting and get back to doing my website. It's not quite finished yet, there are still a few more things to add. Don't know why I'm doing it really. Maybe because I've always fancied having one and if I don't do it now, I probably never will.

In the unlikely event of anyone being interested, it's at