Saturday, October 1, 2011

In the dead of night

Had a quick look at the outdoor thermometer yesterday. 33 degrees. 33! Amazingly hot for the last day of September. And I gather it's unseasonably hot back in the UK too. Saw people sunbathing and swimming at the seaside on the news. Lucky them.

I, however, spent most of the day stuck indoors rummaging through attic boxes searching for pension papers. Or, more specifically, highly elusive pension policy certificates. Might seem a rather odd thing to do when it's gloriously sunny outside but I need to show them to a financial adviser on Monday or Tuesday in London and I'm flying out tomorrow.

Well, I say 'tomorrow' but, as it's now 3.45am, I should have said 'today'. So what am I doing up at this ridiculously early hour? Good question. Well, quite simply, I went to bed early and woke up early. Then the dogs demanded a walk round the garden. Then I made a cuppa. Now, if I go back to bed I probably won't get to sleep (don't feel particularly tired) or, if I do eventually get to sleep, I'll probably wake up late and miss the flight.

There again, I might miss the flight anyway due to the fact that I've just realised the French bank card expired at midnight and I won't be able to use it to buy petrol to get to the airport (75 miles away). The new card is awaiting collection at our bank on t'other side of Limoges, about 120 miles away. Tried to change banks to the local one here but I got the impression it wasn't the done thing. So, my only hope is that I can get some cash out of the local bank machine using my UK bank card in a few hours time. Then pick up the new card after the flight back on Wednesday. If they're open. And if I get the flight(s).

Right; am now on my second cuppa, second fag, have just done some washing up and it's still only 4.30ish. Could have sworn it was later. Time really drags in the dead of night. There must be something really useful I could be doing to kill a bit of time..., but I can't think of anything. And now (oops!) I'm feeling a bit tired. Might go back to bed and set the alarm. Big risk though 'cos I have been known to sleep through. Maybe the dogs will wake me up. I think I'll risk it. But before I potter off to my pit, I'll load up a couple of snaps from yesterday's dogwalk. Up the lightning tree area. Bright sunshine and a clear blue sky. And, as I said, around 33°. Amazing for the time of year.


P.S. - The 7am church bells rescued moi from slumbers. Clock alarms not needed.
P.P.S. - Made it to sunny Londres.