Saturday, September 3, 2011

Loggos holiday 6

Sunday. Our last full day. Took things easy, mainly tidying up and packing up. Then hit the beach for a late afternoon swim, followed by a last visit to the waterside bar and a final nosh-up at the Four Seasons caff. Had an early night in readiness for Monday's early start.

Rose at about 5, dark outside. Still dark at 6.20 when the ever-smiling Lefcothea (ace travel co. rep.) parked up outside to make sure that we, and the occupants of the next-door villa, were ready and raring to go. Minibus turned up ten minutes later just as it was getting light. We all piled in and headed off to Gaios pier where we joined the crowds boarding the speedy hydrofoil (is that what it's called?) ferry back to Corfu. Impressive sunrise over the sea so rattled off a few snaps.

An hour later we were in Corfu having breakfast at the Europa Hotel(?) just across the road from the ferry port. Thanks to Lefcothea we didn't have to worry about finding our way to the airport as she arranged all the transport for us. Hassle free. Marvellous.

Couple of hours later we flew over Venice, then the Alps, then finally landed at Gatwick. Picked up Don's car and drove to Putney, stopping off at Roehampton Asda to stock up with a few provisions which, almost inevitably, included olives and taramasalata. Had curry for supper then another early night in readiness for Tuesday's early start.

Rose at about 5. Taxi at 6. Victoria to Stansted coach at 6.35. Limoges flight at 10. Arrived at 12.30 (Euro time). Picked up dogs at 2. Stocked up with basic grub at Felletin supermarch√© at around 4. Arrived home at 4.30, jetlagged and fattygayed. Been a long day. And an even longer week. Memorable though. And really great fun. A splendid way to celebrate becoming an official geriatric.