Friday, August 19, 2011


Was just about to charge up both camera batteries in readiness for holiday trip to Paxos when I discovered a few snaps in the camera that I hadn't downloaded. Rather than delete them I thought I'd stick 'em on here, even though they're fairly run of the mill stuff: yet another dogwalk, sunny view out front and evidence of sweaty labours painting the shutters greenish. Rather like the new colour. More in harmony with the grey tones of the house than the previous white which I always felt stood out too much. However, if t'other half of our design consultation committee disagrees, I'll paint 'em white again. View out front was taken earlier this week on a wonderfully clear and sunny day. The sort of day one longs for in the depths of winter. I look forward to viewing it again in the grey chill of next February (always a numbingly dull and hugely depressing time of year). And the dogwalk..., yes, I do far too many photos of that 'lightning tree' run but every amble up there is a joy, especially in the sunshine. All too soon winter will be upon us with its pouring rain and biting winds. And, of course, Jock, Sprock and I ain't getting any younger so there'll soon come a time when our intrepid trio is reduced to a duo. Terrible thought, but at least the memories of our sunny walkies will linger on, ably supported by massive photographic documentation. Hah, enough of this doom and gloom. Holiday beckons. Better get those camera batteries charged. And dig out my swimming cozzy.