Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Haven't blogged lately 'cos Georgie's been here for a week. Flew back yesterday. Drove her to Limoges airport in blistering heat. Must have been in the mid-30s. Then drove back and collapsed in front of the telly, dripping sweat. Watched Murray beat Gasquet then walked the dogs down the stream for a cooling dip which they greatly appreciated. Bit later, Georgie rang to say she'd arrived safely. Apparently flew on the same flight as that bloke who writes for the Telegraph about his life out here in the Limousin. I always reckoned he sounded a bit of a plonker rather than a proper chap but Georgie didn't agree. However, having observed his somewhat prima-donna-ish attitude to his wife, kids and cabin staff, she's now changed her mind.

Slept last night with a single sheet and the windows wide open. All very muggy. Woke up this morning to the same blistering heat. If anything, even hotter than yesterday. Checked the outdoor thermometer at around mid-day. 38 degrees. Phew, what a scorcher. Perfect weather for washing clothes. Just done a couple of loads. First load sheets were already dry when I slung the second load on the line. Used the dirty water to water the plants. Chucked about eight or nine bucketfuls out there. Dried out almost immediately.

Just switched the telly on to watch a bit of Wimbledon. Amazed to see it's raining in SW19. Could do with some of that rain out here. Mind you, I've just noticed some very big clouds gathering in the east, behind the church. Might be stormy ce soir.

Wednesday morning - Yup, storm last night. Woken up by rain, thunder, lightning and panicking dogs at 5am. Shut the windows, made a cup of tea and tried to calm the dogs down. Failed miserably. Went back to bed. Sultry weather now just a distant memory.