Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot dog

We've been lucky with the weather recently. Hot and sunny for well over a fortnight. As mentioned in a previous posting, the farmers have been out cutting their fields and storing the haybales as cattle feed for next winter. With the grass cut we're once again able to walk in fields that we haven't walked in for ages. Went up Christian's field which was dotted with haybales a few days back and, once again, enjoyed the impressive evening view across the valley. And the last couple of evenings we've walked in the newly-mown field by the side of the back track that leads to the old granite cross. On the first evening the field was full of bales but forgot to take the camera. Took it yesterday but the bales had gone. Had a pleasant stroll in the evening sun. Wee Jocky got a bit hot though. Must remember to book him in for a haircut. Blog chumette Vera mentioned recently that she'd just discovered the movie button on her camera. This reminded me that my camera also has a movie button but I've never really used it. So I decided to give it a try. Not really successful so further practice necessary.




  1. Liked the moving photos, and look forward to seeing more of them.

  2. Glad that all of you are out enjoying the bright sunshiney summer days.
    Jock does look hot and thirsty....a hair cut just might do the trick.
    Like Vera, I loved the moving photos.