Sunday, June 16, 2013


Spotted a glowworm last night. Took a quick snap without flash, then another with. Because it was dark I couldn't see a thing, just a luminous green glow. The flash picture turned out a bit disappointing. I was hoping that it would show the whole of the beetle's body, but it didn't. All it showed was the tail end poking out from behind a nettle leaf. Am now determined to get a better snap. Nicked a good 'un from the internet. Did a quick bit of researching and discovered that the females glow to attract a mate, while the males light up to warn hungry frogs that they taste awful so go hunt elsewhere. So what happens if a randy male cuddles up to a glowing male? Sorry mate, I thought you were a girl. You calling me a girl? Punch up.


  1. Fascinating little creatures, and now I know a bit more about them! Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. We don't have glow worms here, so I found this post quite interesting.
    We only have fire flies at night.