Saturday, January 28, 2012


In the middle of the field out the back there's a little area about 10x6 feet that's riddled with holes and small surface 'runs'. I presume it's the habitat of a field mouse or vole community. The dogs always have a good old sniff down some of the holes when we pass but I move them on before they get digging. I once caught a millisecond sight of an inhabitant as it whizzed back down a hole but that's about it. Not wishing to disturb them for any longer than necessary I took a quick look at some of the holes and, interestingly, spotted a couple that were obviously toilet areas. Strange: one thinks of rodents as being filthy vermin yet these toilet areas were evidence that they have standards of hygiene that defy their reputation. I suddenly thought of parents dragging their offspring up a toilet hole for a bit of potty training. Had to laugh. Funny stuff, nature.


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  1. We've got holes here and there too. Gus is our digger, and if not watched will gleefully excavate his way into a hole to see what he can find. He never catches anything, but what he does do is leave a bigger hole. They are an accident waiting to happen because sooner or later one of my feet is going to connect with one of Gus's holes when I forgetting to watch out for them!