Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sawed some logs and wheelbarrowed them indoors yesterday afternoon. Good job too because we had a bit of snow last night. Both stoves currently on the go. Broke up some stale bread and put it out on the kitchen window sill. Birds were getting stuck in until a stray dog appeared, put his front paws on the sill and started noshing. Poured water on him front the upstairs window. Yelped and ran off. Our dogs, of course, were going ballistic inside the front door. Barking, jumping, circling and weeing like mad. Have just cleared up the mess. Shall nip downtown this afternoon for more bread and milk. Might have to get stocked up on other stuff as well, just in case we get snowed in. Fun and games. Roll on spring.

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  1. Bbbrrrr! Really hope we don't get any snow - builders in doing work here so doors open during the day. I won't moan about being cold because it is good that work continues in the house, but I really could do without the stress of snow even if it is beautiful when it falls and even though I would probably enjoy it despite my not wanting it to arrive. Stay warm, Tommo, stay cosied up.