Sunday, October 9, 2011


Fall. Also known as autumn. The time of year when trees dump their leaves and shut up shop 'til spring. Arrived suddenly last week when I was away in London. Left here on the Saturday in blistering sunshine and temperatures of up to 33°. Returned on the Wednesday to cloudy skies and noticeably lower temperatures (11° yesterday according to the flashing neon sign outside the chemist's in Felletin). Bought a few logs in from the woodshed and lit the kitchen stove on Thursday for the first time in ages. Amazing how many apples had fallen (I presume that's why the Yanks call autumn 'fall') off the tree by the woodshed during the four days I was away. Same down by the apple tree at the bottom of the garden. And the lawn's now covered with leaves blown down from next door's poplars. Yup, autumn's here. Soon be spring.


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