Saturday, August 6, 2011

Which looks better?

Repainted ye olde front door a few days back. Was a sort of peppermint green, but is now greeny grey. Had a bit of paint left over so I thought I'd paint a couple of the white shutters as a little experiment, just to see what they looked like. Trouble is, Georgie and I have different opinions on which is better. Would be good to know what others think. So, which shutters do you prefer - the white or greeny grey?

I'm going to try something...


  1. Love the greeny grey, love the house.
    Love the way you have painted the old door rather than fit a new one.
    Definitely put my vote on the green pile. The white looks too "twee" for me.

  2. greeny grey - to match the door! :0)

  3. Green is better

  4. greeny grey, matches well with the roof. I can only sign in as anon, it's avril from blogland.

  5. The white is the house a lift....a friend from Mallorca!