Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Don't really understand computers'n'stuff. However, I somehow managed to get the printer/scanner to link up with the laptop and actually do what it was told. Result: print outs of boarding passes for holiday flights this coming week-end. Then tried my luck with the scanner. After a few false starts, I managed to copy a few old photos of myself that I found hidden in a carrier bag. First one came out upside-down but at least it worked. Delirious with success I then rattled off a couple of others. Despite inevitable accusations of vanity, I shall now load 'em up and commit them to posterity. In the first one I'm looking magnifique (Victorian granny believed in beefing-up! - until Mum put her foot down and told her to get lost) aged about six months(?), presumably in early '47. In the second one (dated June '49) I'm sat on Auntie Judy's bicycle, in Cambridge, on a little saddle she rigged up on her crossbar. Been a two-wheeled speed freak ever since. And in the third one I'm with Dad in Austria, learning to ski. He was stationed out there after the war. Must have been around '48. My oh my, well over sixty years ago. I wonder if these modern digital photos will have the same degree of longevity. Somehow I doubt it.



  1. Love the skiing one, terrific Christmas jumper on your Dad there.

  2. Ah, how cute!!! I agree, great jumper.

  3. You haven't changed a bit!