Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Loggos holiday 1

Well, that's it, holiday over. Six whole days in a little hillside villa (with Georgie and Don) overlooking the picturesque seaside village of Loggos on the Greek isle of Paxos, with a couple of days either side for travelling. Had a fab time. Absolutely marvellous. Weather perfect (hot and sunny all week), villa fine (described as basic but seemed like a palace to me), Loggos brilliant (small and perfectly formed), natives friendly (lots of smiles and 'calameras'), and a notable absence of moronic teenagers and thumping disco music (as a newby OAP I'm now fully entitled to spout such derogatoryisms, or whatever they're called). The only downsides were the damned mozzies, a dirth of Canada Dry and the speed at which a week passes when one's having a spiffing time.

Felt a bit knackered when we first arrived there - hardly surprising after the effort of minimal packing (just a small rucksack), tidying up the house before leaving (took ages), double-checking that I had everything, dropping off the dogs, flying to Stansted, coaching to Putney, two hours kip, driving to Gatwick at 2am in Don's little Peugeot, flying to Corfu, ferrying to Paxos, and (finally) being dropped off hot, sweaty and jet-lagged at the little villa in mid-afternoon. Tea, coffee, milk and sugar were provided, plus a welcoming vino blanco in the frigo alongside a much-needed bottle of water. By about 5pm we were settled in and enjoying a nice cuppa on the verandah beneath a canopy of grape vines, surrounded by the exotic perfume of jasmine, thyme and some other smelly plant that I've now forgotten.

Had an early evening stroll down to Loggos to case the joint, have a beer or two, buy a few things from the little supermarket and have an evening meal by the harbour. All very touristy and immensely enjoyable. This venture gave us our first taste of the rocky downhill path (about a half mile long) through the olive groves that linked the villa with the village. No great problem in daytime but obviously challenging at night. Good job we took a couple of torches. Good job too that I didn't overdo the laughing juice on any of our seven soirees downtown. And good job too that the supermarket did a delivery service. Would have needed a team of donkeys to get the shopping (a six-pack of litre water bottles weighs a ton) back up that path. Slept soundly that first night.

Woke early the next day and had a 7.30 stroll back down that footpath to the village while Georgie and Don continued spouting zeds. Seemed I was the only tourist around. Had the little harbour to myself while a few locals prepared for the day ahead. Had a quiet coffee in the waterside bar (I'd adopted it as 'my bar') by the harbour entrance. Watched fishes swimming in the crystal clear sea. Went for an early morning swim on the deserted beach in the next bay. Bought a few goodies from the excellent bakery then returned home. Slowly getting the hang of that uphill path. Website says it takes about ten minutes down and around twenty up. Hah! The previous evening, with Georgie leading at a blistering pace, we ascended in eight minutes flat. And that was in the dark! This morning I decided to do it at a more leisurely pace. Took about twelve minutes. Nae bother.

Arrived back at the villa at around ten. Girlies still kipping. Both obviously shattered. Took it easy that first day. Just pottered about and nattered. Eventually hit the beach late afternoon. Quick swim in the second beach along, sundowner in 'my bar' (sea view ruined by big flashy launch called 'Blue Eyes' - Google search reveals it's an Athens based cruiser, yours to hire for a mere £95,000 per week) then supper in (outside rather) the second big harbour restaurant and another torchlit mountain trek home.

Amazing - two days gone already, just four remaining. Still, birthday treat tomorrow - boat hire.

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