Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Crikey, November already. This year's whizzed by. Seems only yesterday we were enjoying blazing sunshine and long, lazy days. Now the only thing blazing is the kitchen wood burner and the days are noticeably shorter. Lovely time of year though with trees turning to their autumn colours. The wild cherry trees up the back lane are looking particularly splendid at the moment. When the sun shines on them it's like they really catch fire with their bright reds, oranges and yellows. Been waiting for these colours to arrive for ages so I can get my paints out again. Trouble is, just when they're looking their best, the weather changes. Been cloudy, rainy and dull for about a week now, with just the occasional burst of sunshine. Those cherry tree leaves have already started to drop so I decided to start the painting yesterday instead of waiting for a few days of sunshine. By the time it arrives, the leaves might have gone. Made a promising start but didn't finish it. I'll have another go this afternoon after I've walked the dogs.

Taken a few snaps of the garden and view over the last week or two. Amazing how quickly colours change at this time of year. Also took some snaps of the plants Georgie bought from the garden centre opposite Wandsworth nick a couple of weeks ago (see previous posting). Carted them back in the smelly dogwagon and dug 'em in as per Georgie's instructions. Amazed none of them appear to have died yet - I'm no gardener. She's asked for a few bloggeau snaps so here goes...


  1. Your view is beautiful. I agree where did this year go to..... Diane

  2. Thanks Diane. Hard to believe but it'll soon be Christmas. Time just whizzes past.