Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ooh, un autre iris

Spotted another iris thingy au jardin ce matin. But this time a strange looking maroony coloured one as opposed to the previous bluey one that appeared a couple of weeks ago. And while I was out there snapping, I spotted a few other flowery planty thingies. So I took some more snaps so t'other half can see that all her efforts haven't been wasted. All looks rather lovely. Nowt to do with me of course. But I do do a bit of watering now and again. I do, I do, I doo dee doody doo.



  1. It's looking really lovely, she will be pleased!

  2. Thanks Roz. Still a lot more work to be done. At this time of year everything grows at an alarming rate, especially after recent rain. Some of the grass is three feet long. Scary.