Tuesday, May 11, 2010


One of my favourite dogwalks is up the lane out the back. I like it 'cos I don't have to use the car to get there and there's an old granite cross at the end where I always stop for a quick chat. That done, I then have the option of forking right along a track to the mushroom wood or taking another track which goes straight on down the wooded valley. This evening I took the valley route and trotted down the rutted footpath which I've walked a hundred times before. It starts off with some budding raspberry bushes on the right (which look very promising this year), followed by a small pine forest on the left. It's a peaceful little copse, very quiet and calming with a soft, pine needle carpet which deadens sound. I've often stopped and sat there listening to the odd bit of birdsong whilst idly picking moss off an old tree trunk. And I remember sheltering there under one of the biggest trees during a torrential downpour a couple of years ago with a shivering Sprocket by my side while Jock paddled in the gushing waters that rushed down the path. But ce soir, bit of a surprise, I discovered the forest's no longer there...


  1. It's the same around here - I was wondering if it's because of the storm in the 90's - lots of people got grants to plant trees and they must be about ready for harvesting. Shame though, it's like the countryside has been raped. Lets hope they plant some more x

  2. Yes Roz, it's always a shame when those proud trees are felled. Feels a bit like being in a graveyard. However, round these parts, when the trunks have all been stacked and transported off in massive lorries to the even more massiver timber yards (there's a huge one 'twixt here and Limoges), they're replaced by rows and rows of tiny little trees which, in turn, will be felled in about thirty years time. And the cycle continues.