Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Oops. Long time no bloggeau. Laziness I suppose. But there again, nothing much has happened. Anyways..., thought I'd do a quickie just to say I'm off to hospital tomorrow (Thursday) for a Friday op on my toe. I gather the surgeon chappie is going to slice the rubbishy end off and then send me home on Saturday. I understand I'll be able to drive with a damaged left peg, so I won't have to catch a bus or invest in an automatic gearbox jam jar. Was intending to bloggeau after the op but so many extremely kind people have ear'oled moi for a progress report and to make sure I haven't fallen of me perch. Your concern is much appreciated. Apologies for lack of riveting news. Looking forward to scribing a more interesting posting next week. Toodle pip.