Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Foot probs

So..., there I was, back in May, just about to visit the heart specialist for another check up. Well, it didn't go too badly from what I recall. Seem to remember him saying my heart was pretty strong which was a bit of a surprise. Told me to give up salt and lose some weight. And he changed one of my four daily pill things for one that he reckoned would reduce the swelling (water retention?) in my gammy foot. Can't remember what else he said. Left there feeling quite relieved that death didn't appear to be imminent. Popped into a big supermarket on the way home to check out grub that didn't have salt. After much reading of the small print on backs of packs Georgie and I concluded that there was no such thing as a salt-free food item. So much for the quack's instruction to give up salt. Left the supermarket thinking I was now confronted by two ghastly alternatives: death by salt, or death by starvation. That was three months ago. Bit of a surprise that I'm still alive considering my salt intake. Ah well, รง'est la vie.

Since then I'm chuffed to say that my foot swelling has gone down so I'm now able squeeze into my shoes. Haven't really done so though 'cos I've sort of got used to wearing sandals everywhere I go. Apart from when lawnmowing, of course. Feet get smothered in chopped grass and mashed dog poo due to non existence of the rear tray thingie. Hence the wearing of scruffy mountain boots when cutting the grass. Left foot couldn't squeeze into left boot when the foot was swollen. Had to wear a sandal then stick foot into a plastic carrier bag which I then taped up on lower leg. Looked stupid but worked a treat.

Anyways, I wasn't the only one in our gang with a foot problem. Poor wee Jock somehow got a cut between his toes which then turned a bit septic. We didn't know this though. He wouldn't let anyone near his foot. All we knew was that he was limping on dogwalks. Thought it might just be sensitive footpads. Or maybe a cracked pad. Things didn't improve so we took him to the vet. Had to leave him there for a couple of hours and come back later. Vet knocked him out, cleaned up the cut (which we didn't know was there), then put a few stitches in and bandaged him up. He also cut Jock's nails and, for some reason - I still don't know what - he also did something to his other front paw and bandaged that up too. He's right as rain now though. Well, apart from a gungy ear problem. Probably means another vet visit. Might have to knock him out again. Georgie and I do our best to clean out his ear but have you ever tried holding down an uncooperative Westie? It's an almost impossible task. The vet, Georgie and I have the scars to prove it.



  1. Ah, poor Jock.
    Glad things are looking up for you though. Good luck with the mission to reduce salt in your diet. Grow your own and cook your own is the only solution, je crois.

  2. Dear little Jock..... I think he was sympathising with you and perhaps hurt his foot purposely to make you feel better that you were not the only one with foot problems.
    For his ear use a little mineral oil squirted inside with one of the little pipettes, this will soften any gunk and it will fly out when he shakes his ear out.....so watch out for flying debris.

  3. Glad all seems lots better. Poor wee Jockie wi' his sair paws. Thought he was lying down with a couple of carrots at first. Take care. Enjoy the lovely Autumn colours to come