Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jingly janglies

The jingly janglies are out. Loads of 'em. Up the cemetery run. Went there for an evening stroll yesterday soirĂ©e. Millions of other wild flowers too. Purpley thingies. And sort of orchidy looking thingies. Flowers all over the place. Haven't a clue what they're all called. Georgie knows though. Keeps reciting Latin names whenever she spots something. Like the jingly janglies for example. I've forgotten what their proper name is, but no matter, not important. I call 'em jingly janglies 'cos they remind me of a row of bells. Perhaps 'ding dongs' or 'clangers' would be better, but jingly janglies it is. Goes back to The Byrds and their guitar sound which is commonly known as jingly jangly. Jingle jangle morning I'll come following you. Johnny Marr of The Smiths apparently tried to copy that sound. Failed miserably though, so he's miserable now, ho ho! Anyways..., according to Georgie, these plants are available to buy on the internet for around six or seven quid. If anyone wants some I'll sell 'em for a fiver. Bargain, huh?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It's gone. The end of my second toe, left foot. Chopped off over Easter. Three days in hospital then chucked out with stitches in toe. Drove home. 75 miles with a gammy foot operating the clutch pedal. Stitches removed about a week ago. Laurent, the visiting nurse, paid his last visit a few days back. Gave me the all clear so daily visits now terminated. Currently enjoying the odd lie-in without having to get up at the crack of dawn to prepare for when the nurse comes a-knockin' to change the dressing. Or jab a needle in my gut. Or nick an armful of my blood for 'testing'. But the saga's not over yet. Have to go back to hospital in about three weeks' time for yet another heart check-up. I think they're still a bit concerned about my swollen feet and ankles. Could be water retention. Might be caused by circulatory inefficiencies. Or maybe there's still some chlorestoroly stuff blocking up some arteries. Ah well, heigh ho, c'est la vie.

Anyways..., haven't bloggeaued for ages. Which reminds moi..., many thanks to all those very kind people who've sent me messages to check up that I'm still alive. Thanks too for saying you've been missing my postings. Trouble is, as I've said before, my focus for last five months has been on that damned foot problem. Which I first thought was gout, but which turned out to be a dodgy ticker and blocked artery. And bloggeauing about that every couple of days would have been really boring. Besides, I also found myself repeating things from a year ago, like being snowed in. Or having Christmas lunch with the neighbours. Or dogwalking over the same old tracks. Difficult to avoid repetition when one's been bloggeauing for years. Better to stop and give it a rest. Which is what I did. And then there's the fact that my bro-in-law sadly passed away recently. Alzheimer's and lung cancer. Poor chap. He really enjoyed my rubbishy scribings and regularly phoned to say so. Now, with him gone and Georgie out here, it's hard to think of a reason to continue bloggeauing. Which is why I really appreciate messages from anyone who enjoys my written meanderings. So yes, thanks again to those kind folk who've messaged moi. Mucheau appreciated.

So..., we're almost at the longest day already. Hard to believe, but there you go. Seems only a few weeks ago that the Christmas lights were glittering in the puddles of cobbled streets down in Felletin. Been a mild winter though. Didn't have much snow. Fewer stove fires means the woodpile has lasted longer this year. Haven't had much rain either. Mind you, having said that, it's been cloudy and rainy for about a week now. Managed to take a few snaps of the irises before the rains came. And the leafy lane out back. And Georgie doing a bit of gardening. Talking of which, she's been glued to the telly recently. Chelsea flower show. Can't get enough of it. And me, I know nothing about gardening but, surprise, surprise, I know who won the golds and silvers at this year's show. Scary, huh? Talking of which, the green-fingered lady's outside at the moment, au jardin, doing whatever gardeners do. I'm indoors of course. Better get out there and show willing. Get that lawn mower fired up and start trimming. Ah well, here goes...