Sunday, September 8, 2013

The end of summer

Great weather recently. Bright sunshine, clear blue skies and temperatures up in the high thirties. Unfortunately Georgie spent most of this week chained to her laptop doing freelance work. However, I did manage to drag her out for an evening swim on Wednesday up at Lake Marie where it felt like we had the place to ourselves. The good thing about going up there in the evening is that most of the visitors (not that there are that many - Lake Marie is a well-kept secret with those that know its location) have already packed up and hit the homeward trail. Also, I much prefer the evening light with the low sun sparkling on calm waters and sending shafts of sunlight through lakeside trees. On a sunny evening like last Wednesday, the place is truly magical.

Georgie continued working on the Thursday and consequently missed another fine day. The temperature hit 38°, making it the hottest day of the year. After four or five days of gorgeous sunshine, I felt it couldn't last so I checked the weather forecast. Sure enough, Friday was predicted to be cloudy with a bit of rain and falling temperatures. I tried to convince Georgie to come for a final evening swim at Lake Marie before the clouds rolled in, but she said she had to finish her work, so I went up there on my own.

Thursday evening's visit was a bit later than usual so the sun was really low. By the time I'd finished a quick swim, taken a few snaps and returned to the car, the sun was falling below the western horizon and I remember thinking, well, there it goes, that's the end of summer. Been a good 'un.



  1. Although Georgie is busy, I am so glad for that you are no longer separated from each other. It must have been a good summer for you having her here all the time. As for taking time off, well Lester and me haven't been able to because he has had to be chained to his PC, but now his work has come to an end we are going out and about together more. No money coming in, but we feel happier!

  2. Poor Georgie missing out on all that great weather, but work comes first, since it pays the bills.
    I'm in agreement with Vera, at least you two are together now, even though she's chained to her PC..
    You did the right thing to enjoy the last of the least you had Jock's company.

  3. What an absolutely beautiful place