Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The cottage

Georgie flew out just over a week ago and a couple of days later we were in Tulle completing the purchase of  'the cottage'. Paperwork done and keys handed over, we went with the vendor to the insurance office to get the building insured in our names. However, there was a bit of a hitch due to his insurance being held in their Paris office (would take too long to explain) so we then followed him to his local water office to register as the new owners for water billing purposes. Again, another hitch - the office was closed. Vendor very apologetic. No problem. We revisited the insurance office a few days later and arranged house insurance. We still have to arrange water, electricity and telephone in our names but will do so eventually.

On our second Tulle trip (to visit the insurance office) we loaded up the dogwagon with gardening stuff (strimmer etc.), house cleaning stuff (broom, dustpan etc.) and a few provisions (Thermos, water and ham sarnies) so we could spend the afternoon getting a bit of fresh air into the place and generally tidying up and getting acquainted with our latest maison. Made a pleasant change to see the house on a sunny day - we'd seen the place twice before and both times it was grey and dismal. After clearing a few cobwebs and sweeping up indoors, we began working on the garden. Actually, not so much a garden, more a jungle. With high grass and abundant stinging nettles, we faced quite a challenge. And the searing heat didn't help much either. Anyways, by early evening (around 6.30pm) the place was looking a little less junglyfied so we downed tools, packed up and headed for home via the Millevaches route (very pretty on a sunny summer's evening). Arrived home at around eightish in dire need of a shower and eagerly anticipating a cool scotch'n'dry on the terrace before a bit of welcome grub.

But..., phone rang. Isabelle. Come round immediately with Georgie for supper. Rats. Much as I appreciate having extremely friendly neighbours, one of the many reasons for snapping up 'the cottage' is to regain a lost sense of independence and seclusion. Although one couldn't hope for nicer neighbours than Isabelle and Christian, there are times when I just want to be left alone, especially now Georgie's here. Sounds ungrateful, I know, but there you go.



  1. Looks lovely - very peaceful. I wish you, Georgie and wee Jock lots of love, luck and happiness chez vous x

  2. I am so happy for you and Georgie and Jock with your new cottage. It looks delightful.
    Don't worry about all the hard work that you're putting in to bring it up to scratch, it will be well worth it in the end.
    Jock looks quite at home standing on the threshold looking out surveying his new home.
    Best of luck.