Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A sunny walk out back

Bright sunshine this morning. Warm too. Really pleasant change after the freezing cold and snow of the last few days. Took wee Jockie for a walk out back. Took my camera too despite already having a million boring photos of dogwalks. Was half hoping I might see the last of the migrating cranes heading south. But none showed up. Good colours at this time of year though. Green leaves turning to brown, yellow and red. Seemed to be lots of red about including holly berries, rose hips and some other plant with pinky type berries or flowers - haven't a clue what it is but it certainly brightened up the hedgerows. The clear morning air led to great views. Strange to think that yesterday I couldn't even see across the valley for mist and cloud. And today, at the top of the hill behind our house, I could see forever.

Walk done, I slung Jockie into the dogwagon and headed for Felletin to buy bread and milk. Also planned to have a crack at tonight's EuroMillions because there have been about half a dozen rollovers and the jackpot now stands at about 80 million euros (should come in handy). But..., the lottery caff was shut. So, this afternoon, I shall head for the lottery caff in Aubusson. Complete waste of money of course, but ya gotta be in it to win it.



  1. lovely pics - nice here too hope we get a walk in this week. The pinky berried bush is spindle by the way.

  2. Hope you made it to Aubusson to get your lottery ticket..if you haven't got a ticket, you haven't got a chance they say....Wishing you lots of luck.
    If you won, would you be too rich to keep up with your blog I wonder??? Smile.
    Jock is looking well, and I'm sure he is enjoying all the extra attention of being taken around wherever you go ...what a lovely social life he has now....

  3. Lovely photos Tommo. But we don't have those lovely autumnal colours down here near the Spanish border, apart from the small patches, all of our native trees still have leaf, then overnight they will go yellow, then they will drop. I used to love that long slow slide into autumn which you get in the UK, but that has been replaced to a whackingly long summer, so I am not complaining!

  4. We occasionally buy a Euromillions ticket, increasing the odds of winning for everyone else !!

    80 million would solve problems and create bigger ones for most people I think, whereas lots of million or half a million wins would tranform the lives of so many. But it's the chance of the big win that gets people to buy a ticket and as you say, it might just come in handy !!

    Lovely photos. Autumn is such a magical time of year for colours. The berries are, according to a friend who knows such things, spindleberries and they are poisonous, apparently.