Friday, August 10, 2012


Phew! The last three or four days have been scorchers. Lovely weather for going swimming. But, instead, I've been lending a hand to neighbour Christian, cutting wood, then loading it into his trailer and unloading at his place, ready for winter heating. And yesterday evening we unhitched a trailer load at my place. Today I spent about three hours at the hottest part of the day (after I'd returned from the market to buy much-needed milk, bread and bottles of water) stacking the logs in the garage while Christian was off elsewhere - probably cutting more logs. Being a nancy-boy, I use tough gloves to handle the logs, but Christian doesn't. I keep telling him to wear gloves, but will he listen? Nah. Mind you, after a lifetime of manual labouring, his hands look like leather. But, despite this, Isabelle spent about ten minutes yesterday evening digging splinters out of his fingers while five of us sat in the evening sun swigging aperitifs. Anyways, thought I'd rattle off a quick posting before Christian turns up and I get whisked off again to the log-cutting field. With gloves. Ooh, it's all go.

 P.S. - Did another couple of hours lifting logs and passing them to Christian to be cut (exhausting stuff), then assisting with loading and unloading (at Christian's place). Then, just as I thought the day was done, we potter off back to the cutting field to load up again and deliver a second load to my place. Full trailer now parked outside ready for moi to unload and stack in the shed tomorrow. More exhausting stuff. Finally had a dogwalk and a quick shower at around 7.30pm up the back lane (see cow photies), then ambled off for a soirée aperitif and outdoor dinner in the setting sun avec Christian, Isabelle et Hadrien. Très agréeable. Am now back chez moi feeling a tad wobblay. Tomorrow, les chiens et moi have to report at the poodle parlour at 9am so wee Jocky can have a much needed trim. Wandering around in a thick winter coat can't be much fun for the poor blighter. Gosh, it's been hot. And rather sweaty.


  1. We are feeling the intense heat here as's been HOT HOT HOT!!!
    Glad you were able to help your friend out with his work, and also get some work done for yourself.
    Jocky will appreciate his hair trim tomorrow....he does look a tad miserable.

  2. We keep thinking about sorting out our wood for this winter, but that is as far as we have got. I suspect that we shall end up with a last minute rush again to get it cut, not because we are lazy, but because there seems so many other things to do. Well done Christian for sorting out the wood supply, and well done you for helping him. You really do have good neighbours.