Thursday, August 23, 2012


Georgie's over for a nine day break. Been lucky with the weather so far. Sunny and hot. Almost too hot. Reached a sweltering 35° a couple of days back. So, the next day, we decided to go for a swim up Lake Marie (as I call it - named after a John Prine song). Took the dogs and had a pleasant hour or two in the late afternoon, just being on holiday. Trouble is, a storm is forecast and that will probably mark the end of summer. Was meant to arrive yesterday, but it didn't, so we went back up the lake for a second time. Arrived there at about 6.30pm, just as people were leaving. Had the place to ourselves, apart from a few others across the bay on the other beach. Very peaceful and calm. It's a fab place to be on a sunny evening when no-one else is around. Storm could arrive later this afternoon, but, if it doesn't, we may well go up the lake for a third time. Or maybe not.

P.S. - Storm didn't arrive so we went up the lake again, but this time on the Honda 1300S motorbike. Left the dogs at home, of course, and arrived up there at about seven-ish. Georgie's first spin on the bike and she said it was very comfy. As we didn't have the dogs we were able to swim together instead of taking it in turns which made a pleasant change. Stopped off on the way back at a bar for a Coke and Orangina. Arrived home at nine and spent the evening watching a lightning show in distant thunder clouds down south. Storm passed us by. Looked a big 'un.


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  1. So glad that you and Georgie are getting to spend some time together.
    Hope she's enjoying the flowers in "her" garden, and maybe will get a chance to plant some more.
    Glad too that the storm passed you by.
    Enjoy the rest of the holiday.