Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nothing much

Nothing much to report 'cos nothing much has happened. Been rubbishy weather for ages, but I gather it's the same back in the UK. Or maybe worse. Torrential rain, floods and hosepipe bans. Interesting combination. Out here we've certainly had a few downpours, but, being a hilly region, we don't get floods. The valley streams and rivers whoosh it all away.

Had a welcome bit of sunshine couple of days ago. Immediately stuffed the washing machine full of smelly gear, swung it into action and then hung the rags out to dry. Great stuff. Then dug the mower out of the garage, coaxed it into life (bit tricky after its winter slumber) and set about demolishing the lawn. At this time of year, especially after all the recent rain, the grass and weeds just shoot up. Devil of a job keeping it under control. Still, it's gotta be done.

Quite sunny yesterday too. Well, in-between the showers. But that's what I quite like about this time of year - one minute it's sunny and, the next, it's rainy. Then it clears up again. Trouble is, like yesterday, the mutts and I nipped off for a late afternoon dogwalk up the cemetery run in blazing sunshine, only to be caught in a shower at half distance. Didn't have a mac so got a bit wet. Then it turned sunny again. Eventually arrived back home just as the heavens opened. Torrential downpour with a bit of thunder. Then, a few minutes later, sunny again.

Today's a bit grey. Could be more thunder this evening. Not chilly though, which makes a change. Have had a couple of days without the kitchen stove on. First time for about five months. Light it in the evenings though. I guess it's the start of the stormy season. Thunder and lightning. Dogs hate it. Scares 'em stiff.

Anyways, took a few snaps of the garden and various sights on the last couple of evening dogwalks. Might be a bit boring for anyone reading this blog (which seems to full of such stuff) but I rather like 'em. They constantly remind me of how fortunate I am to be living in such a lovely part of the world. Oops, just started raining again.


  1. Oh wow, that last photo is so lovely, Tommo. Our river is very full of water but it hasn't overflowed on to our land. I think it is because the rain, although heavy, has been sparodic. It is a bit warmer here as well, but we are still in thermals, and I noticed on Meteo that we are in for several days of thunder storms as well. Ah well, c'est la vie!

  2. Lovely photos, especially of the tulips, my favourite flower.
    The weather here has been foul.....until today which was much's forecast to be perishing cold again for the bank holiday weekend. Ne'er cast a clout and all that.