Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Just had email from sister. Apparently yesterday was hot and sunny in Lincolnshire. Looked out the window first thing this morning to see if the sun had arrived here too. Er, unfortunately not. Still grey and damp. On the bright side, the rain appears to have stopped, the trees are looking leafier and everything's looking greener. Sun forecast for Friday. Certainly hope so 'cos that's the day I'll be biking up through France to Angleterre. Shall be stashing waterproofs in the panniers. Hope I won't need them.


  1. I hope that you have a much drier trip than we have just had returning, it was horrendous as you can see from my photos. I hope that the sun shines brightly for you. Diane

  2. Hope you have a dry, and safe, trip back to the UK.

  3. Thanks gals! Sun forecast so should be okay.