Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spot the difference


  1. Oh that's funny! I scooted through the blogs at lunchtime but did not have time to leave comments thinking that I would more time to browse this evening. And you posted up two more photos meanwhile. I thought that the first two were nice, and presumed that you had painted the second one, but those other two, of the 'here now' but 'all gone away' photos of the wood shed....oh it did make me smile, as we are in almost the same position only we do have wood but Lester has not had the time or the inclination to chop it, his reasoning, I think, being that since the temperatures are slowly rising up he views the wood cutting job as redundant. Now all he does is moan about how cold he is. And, bless me, I never ever ever point out that perhaps he should get the axe out and go wood chopping again! But it looks like you still have a little bit of wood left, which I hope is sufficient to keep you warm. But snow! How did you happen to get that! We haven't had any all winter and feel quite cheated! By the way, love that photo of your house. It looks very graceful and sweet.

  2. The painting of the lane in summer is beautiful as is the winter scene.
    You certainly got through plenty of logs!

    The new header photo is great.