Thursday, February 23, 2012


Even though we've had a welcome spot of sunshine over the last few days, the snow and ice hasn't completely disappeared. Indeed, in those areas away from direct sunlight, there's hardly been any difference. Like the 'cemetery run' for instance, which the mutts and I skated along late yesterday afternoon. Really slippery with a surface of solid ice. But where the track opened up into sunlight, there was no sign of snow and ice. Just watery mud. Took a few snaps of the sunlight on the trees and the view towards our hamlet - our house is just visible above the second post on the left. While taking these snaps I noticed the mutts had disappeared. Found 'em a couple of minutes later just inside the woods. They'd found a recently dug pit (a bit like a grave) which contained a few bits of skinned deer, probably discarded after the 'chasse' of a fortnight ago. Gave 'em a right bollocking and shoo-ed Jock out of the pit while Sprock ran past me with a shinbone and trotter clenched between his fangs. Eventually caught up with the little blighter and managed to prise the bone from his gob, but ended up with a hand soaked in smelly old blood, or it may have been mud. Did a bit of a clean up in the frozen snow and headed back along the frozen track, slipping and sliding as Sprock dragged me along with his lead. Forgot to take some photos 'cos I was too busy ranting. Ah well, ├ž'est la vie.



  1. Crikey, I can't believe you still have snow and ice. It was 17°C here in Derbyshire today - as good as we often get in mid summer !!
    I hope your snow disappears soon.

  2. Echoing Jean's comment - I hope the snow and ice beat a retreat for you soon. Ah, dogs will be dogs. Mine would have done just the same if they had found a 'present' in a hole, but Gus would have kept his bit of bone, and Bools would have eaten it pretty quickly. I think you are very brave to got into qot into a tussle with your dogs, and I presume you never had a cross word coming from them!