Friday, December 2, 2011

Bleu et orange

Crikey..., December already. Almost at the shortest day and it still hasn't snowed. Or rained. Still quite warm with that gentle southerly breeze. Bit cloudy today though, unlike last Friday when I nipped down to Felletin for market day. Blistering sunshine. Sat outside the caff with a coffee and a fag (table on the left). Chatted to a couple of anglais couples. So hot I took off my sweater. Teeshirt weather in November? Very odd. (Click pics to enlarge.)

Knock on the door in the afternoon. Guy (pronounced 'Gie'), the ex-mayor, clutching his mobile and a chimney sweep's business card. Asked me to phone the number 'cos the sweep's an anglais who's not exactly fluent in frog lingo and Guy doesn't parlez-vous anglais. Rang the chap and arranged for him to visit Guy's gaff on the following Wednesday at 10.30. Come the appointed hour, I popped round there just in case there was a communication problem. Sweep had already started cleaning the chimney and all was well. Guy offered me a scotch (!) which I politely declined. Sweep had recently retired after a heart attack and moved to France a few months back (heart attack had convinced him to emigrate while he still could). Fell in love with the place on his first visit last year. He'll probably get stacks of work now 'cos Guy knows everyone and he'll put the word out. And I loved the trading name on his business card - Toute Sweep!

Anyways..., having done the market, the sun continued to blaze. Perfect weather for doing some washing. Did a load and hung it out to dry. Had to keep reminding myself it was late November. Felt more like summer. But despite the heat, I wheel-barrowed some logs in for the evening stove. Seemed a strange thing to do in all that sunshine. But as soon as that sun goes down it gets really chilly. Could be frosty so brought the flowery things in that had spent all summer on the outdoor window ledges. Then went for a dogwalk out the back. Bright orange leaves against a clear blue sky. And the orange became deeper as the sun slowly set. Wonderful colours.

But, of course, that was a week ago. Today's dawned grey and damp. Not exactly perfect weather for visiting the market and sitting outside the caff in a teeshirt. Just spoken to Georgie on the phone. Apparently sunny in London. Ah well, there you go. C'est la vie.     

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  1. We had 8mm of rain last night which was very welcome to the garden. It is though amazingly warm for this time of the year. Diane