Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Georgie rang ce matin and asked if anything's sprouted up in the jardin while we were away in Paxos. Told her that the weeds seem to be doing remarkably well. Also, a few orangey thingies, which I presume aren't weeds. Tried to describe them but the best I could come up with was "orangey coloured with pointy bits" which wasn't much help. Then she asked if any blue flowers had appeared. To be honest I didn't know, so I went for a quick lap of the estate. Spotted some blue thingies down by the compost pile. Interesting down there because a few spuds I chucked out weeks ago, instead of rotting down, appear to have made themselves at home and started growing. And mighty impressive they look too. Anyway, I was unable to give Georgie a description of the blue thingies because, by the time I'd got back indoors, I'd forgotten what the damned things looked like. So she asked for some photos...


  1. The orange things are montbretia, one of my favourite plants, which, according to the lady gardener who turned up to help with our garden this very day, is apparently a weed. Or at least a wild variety of the real plant which is called crocosmia.
    I also see a rose, a fuschia and something that we have a lot of in our patch of France and looks like a skinny bright pink carnation.
    But I'm no expert.

  2. Thanks for that Jean. Much appreciated. You certainly sound like an expert to moi. Regards, Tommo.