Sunday, September 11, 2011

Au revoir summer

Well, that's it. Summer's over. Ended at about 7pm yesterday when massive clouds thundered in, dumped tons of rain and hail, then moved on, leaving behind a mass of puddles, a distinctly chillier air and a whole host of extinguished, Saturday evening barbies.

Interesting that summer's end has almost exactly (give or take a week or two) co-incided with the autumn equinox when the sun rises and sets directly in the east and west, thus making day as long as night. It'll be six long months 'til we reach that point again. Six long months of watching (weather permitting - which ain't often in winter) sunrises and sunsets out the front of our south-facing maison, as opposed to out the back where they're out of sight.

With the recent sunny weather (been brilliant; a mini heatwave), I took the opportunity of 'snapping' the front view at dawn and dusk. Also 'snapped' the front of the house as the early morning sunshine hit almost directly from the side. Next time this happens will be around March. But at that time of year the trees and garden look completely different.

Hah! Roll on spring.



  1. Great photos. I love this time of year. The light seems more mellow some how - great for photos.
    I see you went with the green shutters. The house looks lovely.

  2. Thanks Jean. Yup, green shutters. Much better I reckon. Tommo.

  3. Your house looks very calm and tranquil, and the light wonderfully soft and warm. Love the top photo as well most of all though.

  4. Thanks Vera. Took the header photo evening before last. Full moon. Night was almost as bright as day! Tommo