Monday, July 4, 2011


Birthday boy. Wee Jockie. Ten today. That's seventy in doggy years. Knocking on a bit but still powering those short, stumpy legs over daily marathon runs (for a Westie). Seems only yesterday that he was just a little white ball of mischievous fluff. My, how tempus fugits. Bon anniversaire laddie. Extra grub treat tonight.


  1. Happy birthday to Jock !! I often wonder what dogs think when they have a day of extra fuss and treats, then it's back to normal the next day.
    Love the new header photo.

  2. Say 'happy birthday' to Jock from us as well Tommo. Our Springer spaniel is clocking up the years as well, and I often wonder how much longer we will have the privilege of having him with us. I suspect you do the same with your Jock as well.

  3. I do enjoy coming here and catching up. Mind you I had to scroll quick past that spider photo...

    Wee Jock looks so cute and small! (Ah moment).

    Bon appetit mon ami.

    avril (trying to post comment)......