Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looks fine to me

When Georgie and I natter on the phone, she often asks how the garden's coming along. My usual response of "looks fine to me" leaves her none the wiser, so she asks me to be a bit more specific. Not being a gardener, I then get a bit lost for words and usually mutter something like "well, I mowed the lawn and there's a sort of orangey flower that's recently appeared by those tall yellowy flowers." Further info is required which I'm sadly ill-equipped to deliver. So, moving swiftly on, she then might ask "and how is the petuniatum raptimosa coming on that I planted on my last visit?" Being somewhat less than fluent in Swahili and not having the foggiest idea of what she's on about, my hasty response of "looks fine to me" once again leaves her none the wiser. And so it goes. By this time the phone bill's rocketed and so, to save further confusion and unnecessary expense, she might ask to see a few photos - as she did yesterday. So, without further ado...


1 comment:

  1. I like the orange and the red ones. Us women love a bit of colour. It doesn't matter what it's proper name is!!