Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Painting again

Haven't done a painting since last September. Lost the inspiration due to not selling any in a couple of exhibitions some of my stuff featured in, over winter, back in the UK. Came to the conclusion I must be rubbish at this painting lark so I sort of gave up. And besides, the prospect of standing at an easel during winter's freezing rain, sleet and snow, sploshing greys on canvas doesn't exactly drive me wild with enthusiasm. However, the wounds of this very public rejection and humiliation have now almost healed and the countryside's come alive again with the bright colours of spring. So I decided to go painting again. Dragged the easel and painting equipment out of the indoor shed about a week ago and ambled off up the old orchard. Spent a couple of evenings trying to capture the sunlight dancing through the trees. Then it rained (see previous posting). Needed a third session the following evening but... no sun. Went up there yesterday evening to finish off but the trees had exploded into leaf and my subject apple tree was entirely in shadow. So, I either leave it as it is or wait 'til next year to get it right. In the meantime, I've bought some more turps and another canvas and am toying with the idea of painting another orchard view. The shapes and colours up there really are brilliant. Might be a complete waste of time due to a distinct lack of commercial success, but I still rather enjoy it. After all, one can only improve.



  1. Speaking as one who hasn't painted anything since I took O'level art in 1968, I always admire people who can and this looks good to me.

  2. Many thanks Jean. Much appreciated.

  3. Painting must be a great creative outlet, so what if they don't sell? At least you're doing something you enjoy and that's the main thing.

    Still loving your posts.

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