Monday, April 18, 2011

The yellow hill

Briefly mentioned dandelions in the previous posting. Spotted a few more up at the hill by the 'lightning tree' on ce matin's dogwalk. Strolled up the top, took in the view, then strolled back down again. Jockie ended up smothered with yellow pollen, as did my shoes and trews. Worth it though. Never seen so many dandelions. Must be millions of them up there. Really quite amazing. Truly spectacular.


  1. Lovely photos. Great song.
    Are the muppets still on TV?
    And when did you change the title of your blog?
    Questions, questions.....

  2. Thanks Jean. I think the Muppets have been retired, but they may still be on TV as repeats. Er, changed blog title this morning but have now changed it back again. Got a bit bored with it but couldn't think of anything better.

  3. Good - I prefer the original title, it's excellent.

  4. Back in the halcyon days of my youth I used to try to make dandelion wine - it was foul. However, the cowslip wine was pure nectar. Nowadays it is difficult to find enough cowslips and I know you aren't meant to pick them in the wild. I have thrown a couple of fits over the last few years when they have turned up in my fields and within a couple of days have been plucked into oblivion.

    But, happily they are now thriving on motorway verges.The cowslips that is as well as dandelions.

  5. Chere Ann,
    Mightily impressed by your manufacturing of dandelion and cowslip vino. Strange that one should taste better than t'other. Oui, maddening that bounders a) just waltz into your fields, and b) nick fleurs. I never pick fleurs. Much prefer to leave 'em where they are. Et oui, I've read that motorway banks and verges are breeding grounds for a multiplicity of plant and animal life. Probably because they're free from chemically pesticidey thingies.