Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's that dandelion time of year

They've suddenly exploded. Dandelions. Millions of them. All over the place. Turned distant fields from emerald to lime green. Get in closer and you see the yellow. Bright yellow. Made even brighter by the sunshine. People rave about sunflowers in France but I reckon the dandelions are just as impressive. Really spectacular. It's a great time of year to go walking.

Went out yesterday and took a few snaps. Then noticed some other wild flowers. Don't know what they are. The yellow ones look like cowslips of some kind. Probably quite rare but common as muck around these parts. And the little purple one looks like some form of miniature orchid. But I'm no gardener so I wouldn't know. Then snapped a few flowery things in the garden. Irises, tulips and apple blossom.

Some of the shots looked a bit flat so I beefed them up in this 'photoshop' programme that came with the camera. All very experimental and the sort of thing proper photographers frown upon. But I think it's rather fun.


  1. I like these photos better than the ones of your fosse septique !!
    The header photo of your smalls is good, too.

  2. Thanks for that Jean. I agree: the fosse septique doesn't really look as pretty as les fleurs. However, it's far more useful.