Sunday, February 27, 2011


I do not belieeeve it! Snowing again. No, it's stopped. No, it's started again. No, it's stopped.


  1. You can't be far from me here in the Haute Vienne... we had some hailstones but snow? NOOOOOOOO!!

  2. It's still cold, grey and miserable here in Derbyshire, apart from one day last week when the sun came out and it reached an unbelievable 15ºC. We had had a sprinkling of snow three days before that.

  3. Love the music. And it is chilly and wet here in Indaiana at the moment snow seems to have finally gone. But, I guess it is going be raining off and on all week. March is definately going to come in like a lion I would say.