Thursday, January 20, 2011


People say that if you blog about the weather, it shows an appalling lack of imagination. How very true. So I'll blog about the weather.

After all the snow of recent months (arrived early this year, back in November), it came as a welcome surprise when the sun reappeared last week. Clear, blue skies and unseasonally warm. Even had the windows open on a couple of days. Gave me a chance to do some much-needed washing and drying. Made a pleasant change to take the rabid canines for a stroll up the lightning tree without a thick fleece and woolly hat. Twice caught the evening sun setting behind the hills with not a cloud to be seen.

All changed yesterday though. Chilly breeze from the north. And today it snowed. Not a lot but enough to make last week's sun seem a distant memory. Ah well, c'est la vie. Time to don that winter gear again and venture out into the cold outdoors. Come on lads, walkies! (Click on pics to enlarge.)


  1. We have been basking in warm sunshine since Christmas, although the nights have been chilly. But today, back came Winter, and down plunged our energy and spirits! Still, nearly through January, and while it is best not to wish one's life away, it is still nice to be coming to the last month or so of the cold weather. Hope you are keeping warm, Tommo, and remain in good spirits.

  2. Thanks Vera. Lucky you with all your sunshine. Shame it's turned colder though. As you say, hopefully we're coming towards the last month of winter (should the seasons have a capital letter?). However, I seem to remember it snowed again in spring last year. There's a photo of snow on the apple blossom somewhere in this bloggeau. Yup, am keeping warm thanks and in good spirits despite this year's long winter.