Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No snow

Welcome change in the weather recently. Suddenly warmed up. Happened Monday night. Went to bed with six inches of snow and ice outside. Woke up next morning and it was all gone. Well, not all of it, there were still bits of the stuff in the shadows. All gone now though. Seems strange listening to TV and radio reports of freezing conditions back in the UK. And up in northern France too. Down here we must be on a different wind stream. All very misty this morning but the sun's slowly burning through. Shall make a dash for Felletin this afternoon to do a bit of pre-Christmas shopping. Haven't done any so far. Might go beserk and lash out on some smoked salmon and a good bottle of plonk. Aaargh! Just realised I can't go out looking like this. Unshaven and filthy. Been far too cold to wash or shave recently. Haven't washed my hair since... well, maybe three or four weeks ago. That's what happens when you're a snowed-in hermit recluse. Eskimos and Mongolians would understand but Brits probably wouldn't. Amazing how the civilised world takes things like central heating and bathrooms for granted. Er..., I'm waffling. Think I'll give the mutts a quick walk then clear the cobwebs in the shower room and rid myself of a month's dirt and grime. Then hit Felletin and get stocked up. Wahay! Just realised, we're past the shortest day!

Couple of pretty pics (click on 'em to enlarge): view from house last Sunday afternoon and same view this morning...


  1. I understand about the washing bit. There have been mornings of late when I have stood looking at the bowl of water, my soap, and my flannel, and bypassed them all by getting dressed immediately because it has been so cold. Lester is exactly the same as you. It doesn't matter. What does matter is enjoying being who you are, and never mind anybody else thinks. Loved those photos, especially the one on the right. We haven't had any snow, but I did get to have a paddle in some snow when in the Ariege yesterday. Hope you stay well and in good spirits.

  2. It's funny you should mention the washing thing. When we are chez nous in Le Grand-Pressigny we shower much less frequently than when at home in the UK. It takes several days to get used to wearing more clothes to keep warm and not being able to wander in tropical comfort around every room in the house.

    We had another miserable layer of snow yesterday. Just enough to make life very difficult. The roads are very slippery. And to think we could have another two months of this yet.......