Monday, December 13, 2010

Church windows

I live next door to an old church. When we first arrived here it was being renovated. On the outside, the walls were repointed, the roof repaired and guttering replaced. On the inside, various improvements were carried out including the installation of a brand new wooden stairway and mezzanine gallery, lovingly hand-made by an expert local craftsman. When the works were completed I attended a service to celebrate the church's rebirth. The place was packed and it was a wonderful opportunity to view its impressive interior and beautiful stained-glass windows.

Sadly, that's the only time I've attended a service there. I would have attended more but since then there haven't been that many. Just one or two a year. Unlike other churches with bigger congregations, ours remains locked for most of the time. We don't even have a vicar or choir. However, we do get quite a few visitors who wander around outside taking photos of various historic features. Unfortunately these visitors are unable to appreciate the true splendour of the windows. Indeed, I'd forgotten how splendid they are 'til the other night when, for some reason, the chuch's interior lights were switched on. Could have been Didier rigging up the Christmas lights on the roof and belfry. Quickly whizzed down there with my camera and took a few snaps...

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